Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hi Everyone, its me once again, turning up like a bad penny. This card is from the cd of Squeezee Cards and its called furry friends. It has 7 images to it but it was a bit of a pain to make. It really needs time and, of course peace and quite. Which in my case means night time. It also needs pretty strong glue and a lot better card than I have made this one with. But never mind its done now and I am learning to" do better" Thanks for the interest that you have shown so far in these cards.
Love from me, Kath. x x

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Hi Everyone, well here is another of the "Squeezee Cards" that I have gotten from the cd, oh by the way thats the name of the cd too. Its so easy to make and you do get simple instuction with it. They could'nt have made it any easier than this. I have printed the colour section on Decoupage paper and the sides with card, and I also used double sided tape, because its so much stronger that the pen. And as you can see it came out just the way I wanted too. Hope you like it, and will comment on it please!!
Love to All
Kath xxx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hi everyone, just finished this card for my husband sister, she lives in the south of england. I got the card itself from my craft studios and also the insert. I just then decorated it with some very delicate peel offs(fact is they kept on breaking as I tried to lift them off the paper that they where on) take about patience being a virtue, but its was well worth it. its call butterflies and I also used some of the glazed pens in white and black to bring out the colour of this one. It needed to stand out.
Hope you like it!!
Love Kath xxxx

Monday, 19 April 2010

This one is a bit of fantasy, Its on my craft studio cd, and they are so pretty. I made this one for my Daughter-in-law's birthday which was last week, and I think she is a big 40. So we all need a bit of fantasy now and again dont we. Hope you like it?
Love Kath x x x

The cards I promised last week

Hi Everyone well this is a card I promised that I would put on the web as soon as I got a problem sorted,I actually made this one on a whim. The image is from Joanne Sheens cd, and we all know how lovely her images are. Its a tri fold card, and some of the images are to die for. I made the flowers from printable vellum and then I put some sticky fingers glaze drops to give it a sheen. Hope you like it!
Love Kath xxx

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sorry for the delay

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in sending my cards but Ive been poorly with a really bad chest infection and the medication the doctor gave me just knocked me of my feet. But I'm a lot better now, I have made this card and it is my very first attempt at doing a card like this.Got the images of a new cd by Robert Adams and friends. Really did'nt expect it to turn out quite so good. The card stock is some that I bought ages ago and I just fill in the colour where I thought it need to be brought out, with my metallic pens. I have done others but I am finding it hard to get them to go to my pictures and the moment, but when I do I will post them.
Hope you like this one, please comment.
Love Kath xxxx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Card for my friend

Hi everyone, sorry to have been away so long. Well here is a card I made recently for a friend who had to visit hospital, only for a day but it upset her a lot. This is the Popcorn the Bear cd, its a twister and the backing paper and insert where from the same cd. It was quite easy to make, the outline around the edge of the card is done with yellow stickles, which I though wouldn't be very good but how wrong I was, it worked out beautifully, and what was even better it made her smile.