Monday, 22 February 2010

andy,s birthday card

Well I nearly forgot to add in the card I made for my son Andrew, he was 43 today and doing very well on it I may add. This card is one I down loaded from another of my cd, but once again I cant for the life of me remember. It was very easy to make now I come to think of it, except for the little plane thats on the top of the card, the RAF where having a fund raising drive at our local super market so I made a donation and was given this, so I put it on his card thinking how lucky I was to have been there that day. Its made of scolloped edge sliver card and the insert is green to match the planes. They are spitfires. So thats my work done for a little while, well until I get a cd that I order last sunday dogs who fall asleep and then I will have to make one for my boss who is a dog lover, which I am really, but then I like cats too. See how soon confusion set in when you reach that age??? ha ha ha. load of good wishes to all who have entered in the competions hope to hear from you soon. Kath x x x
This is the other card I made for the same friend but for her daughter and I must confess a whole lot easier. Just straight forward, no twisty turns in this one. The Images I got of Joanne Sheens triple Cd and I think its called I cant remember, no its not called that but I have so many of her cd and the create and craft `that I cant remember which one it was now. Talk about old age, hahahah.Thanks any why for listening to my ravings. `````````````

New Cards

Hi everyone,
me again, just to show I've not been idle during the last couple of days or should I say weeks. This card has been made for a friend of mine whose friends have just adopted a lovely baby boy, he has his baptism on the last sunday of this month. It was quite a long process at first I didnt quite understand what she wanted but we manged in the end to sort out the problem. And now I can say she is over the moon about this card. I have also made one for her daughter, but this card I think was the worst especially the edges, O where they difficult. Well hope you like them.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hi everyone, this is a card I have just finished for a friend whose birthday is on the 25th of Feb. Don't know if I like it or not? guess it one of my confuse days again, get quite a lot of them lately. Must be my age, well thats what the drs keep on telling me. Ha Ha Ha. It was a very easy card to make but not very clear what i've done wrong with it. So I don't think she will be getting this one some how.May be if I changed the colour? O well back to the drawing board.
Love Kath x